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 Dr. Farrah's Metasyn Ultimate Advanced Renewal Skincare Kit includes every essential item in the Metasyn skincare routine, all in one package!

Each kit includes one bottle each of:

  • Metasyn Facial Cleanser
  • Metasyn Facial Toner
  • Metasyn Day Creme
  • Metasyn Night Creme

 Metasyn Facial Cleanser is a gentle exfoliating cleansing gel that includes the Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids of Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic. These natural acids loosen the bond of dead skin cells to accelerate the natural skin renewal process. The Jojoba beads gently exfoliate the skin to prevent occlusion of pores, revealing fresher and more youthful looking skin. After rinsing thoroughly with cool water, follow with a day or night moisturizer or special treatment.

          Key Ingredients:  Glycolic Acid – A naturally derived Alpha-Hydroxy Acid found in sugar cane. Studies have shown that Glycolic Acid is an excellent exfoliant that encourages the production of collagen and increases cell turnover.  Salicylic Acid – A derived Beta-Hydroxy Acid found in Willow Bark Extract. It encourages surface renewal for a smoother texture.  Lactic Acid – Provides excellent moisture, while refreshing skin texture.  Jojoba Beads – A natural round bead that will not abrade the delicate skin tissue.  Sodium PCA - A natural moisturizing component that softens the skin and helps attract and retain moisture.

Metasyn Facial Toner is an Herbal Blend Astringent with a blend of eight extracts to balance, tone and clarify the delicate skin. Salicylic acid (willow bark) is added to enhance this formula. As one of the most effective hydroxyl acids, willow bark can increase cell renewal without the risk of irritation. Willow bark is also known for antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. This blend of extracts is cold processed and contains no alcohol.

          Key Ingredients:   Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – Aloe has been known for anesthetic, antibacterial, and tissue restorative properties. The aloin free gelatinous inner leaf is extracted and filtered to provide excellent hydrating, softening and soothing qualities.  Willow Bark Extract – This plant extract is the gentle, natural alternative to salicylic acid. It helps remove excess dead skin cells to reveal new healthy cells. Gently exfoliates, calms redness, reduces oiliness and signs of aging.  Sage Extract – Purifies and stabilizes oily skin conditions.  Coltsfoot Extract – Known for soothing, detoxifying, and astringent properties.  Horsetail Extract – Known for soothing and healing properties.

Metasyn Day Creme is an advanced Vitamin C crème that protects, hydrates and conditions the skin without irritation. Vitamin C is a major antioxidant in the body. It is well established that Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin. This formula also incorporates Picea Abies Extract to calm redness and Red Marine Algae to condition dull sluggish skin.

          Key Ingredients:  Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate – Oil soluble form of Vitamin C. Improves hydration and helps to increase collagen production. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory for puffy eyes, redness etc.  Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - Antioxidant - Also known to trigger the production of collagen. Protects, hydrates and conditions the skin without irritation.  Red Marine Algae (Ahnfeltiopsis Concinna Extract) – It’s naturally derived from red marine algae which is found in the Hawaiian Islands. It improves hydration, reduces fine lines, and increases skin firmness and elasticity. Studies have shown a substantial reduction in redness.  Picea Abies Extract - This ingredient is Finnish bark resin and is associated with wound healing and anti-bacterial properties. It is also associated with the improvement of eczema and psoriasis symptoms.  Glucosamine HCI – Has excellent anti-inflammatory and lubricating properties. In the body, Glucosamine is an important building block used to manufacture specialized molecules called Glycosaminoglycans found in cartilage.

Metasyn Night Creame is contains a unique Retinol encapsulated delivery system that provides maximum release with reduced irritation typically associated with retinoid use. Retinol diminishes the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles by stimulating collagen production. Additionally, Retinol stimulates cell regeneration to enhance skin tone and texture to reduce the appearance of discolorations, age spots and occasional blemishes.

          Key Ingredients:   Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 & Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Matrixyl 3000®) – Clinical results show a 39% reduction in deep wrinkles, a 32% reduction in main wrinkle density and an increase in lifting effects by 16%.  Daisy Flower Extract (Belides Perennis) – Tested studies with this extract resulted in the reduction of melanin formation, anti-oxidative activity, and a significant increase in lightening effects. Results of a comparative study conducted with Daisy Extract and arbutin, used at equivalent polyphenol concentrations, showed that Daisy Extract was twice as active as arbutin.  Licorice Root Extract – A natural antioxidant and brightening ingredient.
Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) – Antioxidant that helps to fight free radical damage caused by pollution. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory for puffy eyes and redness. Tocopherol – An antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by the environment like UV radiation & chemical pollutants as well as certain lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking. Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) – Studies have shown that Vitamin A helps increase the skin’s elasticity and normalizes dry parched skin.

When used as directed, each product should be replenished in 3-6 months.




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